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Make it a Value Meal!
Fries or Onion Rings & 20oz Drink $2.99
Served on white or wheat bread, sesame bun, or onion roll.

Available Items
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New! Caprese $6.99 each
Fresh mozzarella and basil served on toasted ciabatta bread with balsamic dressing.
Add grilled chicken - $2.00

New! Pulled Pork $6.99 each
Tender pork served on a toasted sesame bun with a touch of coleslaw and tangy BBQ sauce.

Regular Pastrami $6.99 each
Freshly-sliced, top-quality, lean pastrami.

*Super Pastrami $7.99 each
Larger portion of freshly-sliced, top quality, lean pastrami on an onion roll.

Ham & Cheese $6.75 each

Turkey & Cheese $6.75 each

Tuna $6.75 each
Made with Albacore white tuna.

Chicken Salad $6.75 each
Made with all white-meat chicken.

Grilled Cheese $3.99 each

Grilled Chicken Breast $6.99 each
Served on a grilled buttered sesame bun.

*Fresh Haddock Sandwich $6.75 each
Haddock fried golden brown.

Grilled Cheese & Bacon $4.99 each

Grilled Cheese & Tomato $4.99 each

Egg Salad $6.75 each
Made fresh daily.

Seafood $6.75 each
Made with sweet crab meat.

PB & J $2.99 each

Hot Dog $3.75 each